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e-tendering events and webinars for bidders and contracting authorities

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In addition providing a reliable e-tendering platform together with proven practitioners in the field of public procurement, the German Contracting Portal offers opportunities for continuing education in procurement law and e-tendering for contracting authorities and companies seeking to apply for public contracts. The dates are tailored to the different needs of the two target groups and range from 90-minute free online seminars to day-long classroom events in the respective states of Germany. The purpose of this article is to offer you an overview of the calendar of upcoming events.

Events for contracting authorities

DTVP-regional forums on the reform of the UVgO and e-tendering
Following a successful series of events in 2018, due to numerous inquiries, DTVP is continuing its regional forums on the regulation on sub-threshold procurement (UVgO) and on e-tendering for contracting authorities. The sub-threshold procurement regulation (UVgO) comprehensively redefines the sub-threshold range for the area of supplies and services, thereby replacing the Regulations for the Award of Service Contracts, part A [Verdingungsordnung für Leistungen, Part A (VOL/A)]. Numerous structural innovations have been made here. The UVgO also governs tenders that would otherwise be subject to the SektVO or VSVgV if EU thresholds were exceeded.

On dates throughout Germany, the German Contracting Portal provides an overview of specific provisions of law in the German states, already in effect or in planning, associated with the introduction of the sub-threshold procurement regulation and provides the necessary tools for legally sound application of these provisions in the context of electronic tendering. The events will be accompanied by a legal presentation by Prof. Dr. Christian-David Wagner, a Leipzig-based attorney specialising in procurement law. A tendering procedure pursuant to UVgO will be carried out, using DTVP as an example. In addition, a contracting authority from the respective state of Germany will report on its experience in introducing e-tendering in its own organisation. The presentations offer a compact overview of the most important aspects for a quick and uncomplicated introduction to e-tendering, as well as the specific features of the laws of the German states under UVgO

The focus in 2019 will be on the German states of Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein and, again, Baden-Württemberg.

The dates con be found at

Online seminars

The German Contracting Portal (DTVP) offers a simple and cost-effective way to participate in e-tendering. It is available without training, without installations or introductory projects. The 90-minute online presentations will provide participants with the basics they need to know to carry out a tendering procedure with DTVP. This includes, among other things, preparation of the announcement, the uploading and provision of the tender documents, the handling of bidder communication and the bid opening. During these free webinars, we will introduce you to functions and opportunities for your contracting authority.

You will find the dates and an opportunity to register here.

Events for bidders

Proctical seminars for companiesDTVP has been conducting practical seminars for companies on a regular basis for five years now. To date, more than 600 participants have been trained in procurement law and the use of the tendering platform.
In a legal presentation by  Prof. Dr. Wagner, a lawyer specialising in procurement law, companies will be shown the rights and obligations for bidders, but also the framework conditions that govern the law of procurement when using e-tendering. Targeted use by bidders is the second major component of the seminar: from data protection to the creation of search profiles and the search for matching contracts through to the actual submission of bids, bidders are provided with a comprehensive insight.
We will continue this series at the location in Cologne; a special event will also be held in Stuttgart on 03 December 2019.

Additional dates can be found at

Events for bidders
We also offer interested contracting authorities assistance with the organisation of bidding events. Enquiries from contracting authorities often reveal a need to inform companies in the surrounding region about the introduction of e-tendering and about ways of dealing with numerous e-tendering platforms. At DTVP, the system training is essentially unnecessary because the portal is intuitive and can be used without training effort. However, the fundamental shift from paper to the medium of the Internet and the search for suitable contracts still create challenges for some bidders.

Planning takes place in cooperation with the employees of the contracting authorities, and the bidder events are organised jointly with DTVP. These are usually scheduled to last two hours and provide sufficient scope for the concerns of all participants.
If you have any questions, simply contact us or send an e-mail to

In addition, there are further. extensive training opportunities relating to procurement law and procurement offered by the two parent companies Bundesanzeiger Verlag ( and cosinex (

Date: Monday, September 2 2019


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