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How can I change the edition in order to create individual profiles and use the e-mail noticication service? EN

After login, select EDITION in the MANAGEMENT menu on the left-hand side.

There you will see the edition you are currently using.
Now choose the Professional or Enterprise edition and follow the brief instructions.

After a few steps, you will then be able to set up individual search profiles and automatically activate the corresponding e-mail notification service.

How can I set up a suitable search profile?

To automatically find interesting and suitable contracts for your company, it is necessary to set up search profiles. The e-mail notification service is automatically activated each time a search profile is created. However, you can also disable this at any time.

You can find further information in our guide (free download) and in our video.

Can I test the portal for free?

The Basic Edition is permanently free of charge.
If you choose the Professional, Enterprise or Supreme edition, you will always have a free 30-day trial period from the time you register or upgrade the edition to test all of the portal's features. If you are happy with DTVP's service, you do not need to do anything else. You will receive an invoice after the end of the trial period.
If you do not wish to continue using DTVP, written notice by e-mail, post or fax is sufficient.

Which announcements can be found on the German Contracting Portal?

On the DTVP website, you can search daily for several thousand contracts tendered across Germany and the EU. You will find the most diverse contracts from many federal states as well as all tenders above the EU thresholds (e.g. starting at a contract value of €214,000 for other supplies and services).

Which Informations does DTVP offer companies?

Whether only one announcement is made in a tender procedure or whether award documents are also available electronically, whether bidders can ask questions or whether electronic bids are permitted depends on the extent to which a contracting authority is already using the German Contracting Portal today.

Does participation in tendering procedures cost money?

No. If the invitation to tender is made electronically via DTVP, we will not charge any user fees.

Why does I receive an annual invoice?

This means that you do not have to transfer the monthly fee due every month, but can pay the entire annual amount at once.
Should you decide in the meantime that you no longer wish to use the German Contracting Portal and cancel your paid edition, you will of course receive a credit note for the overpaid monthly fees.

When can the tender documents be requested electronically?

Whenever this is offered by the respective contracting authority via the German Contracting Portal.

Why cant't I get register?

Your company is already registered.
Multiple registrations are not possible with the free Basic Edition. If you require further access, the Enterprise or Supreme Edition is available for a fee.

How can I terminate my account?

The contract can be terminated in writing at any time at the end of the month by both DTVP GmbH and the user.
Send us written cancellation by e-mail, post or fax.

From contracting authorities

Does the monthly lump sum cover all costs for contracting features?

Yes, the usage fee covers all costs for comprehensive use and the full range of features.

Is participation in my tenders free of charge for the bidders?

Yes, the search for and participation in tender procedures is completely free of charge for companies.

Is there an interface to SIMAP ( EU Publications Office)?

Yes. Once a contracting authority is set up in DTVP, an OJS eSender interface to the Publications Office will also be established for this contracting authority.

Can tender documetns also be reproduced fully electronically?

In addition to the German Contracting Portal, a procurement management system can optionally also be used to manage the procurement file electronically and support the internal procurement processes.

Support for contracting authorities and bidders

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

For technical inquiries as well as questions pertaining to using our offers and services, please click on the link to the service and support centre of our partner cosinex.

If you have questions about your contract, subscription term or invoice:

Product consulting for companies


   +49 (0)221 / 0 76 68 - 200

Product consulting for contracting authorities


   +49 (0)30 / 37 43 43 - 810


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