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Prices list & editiones for contract authorties

Select your access to the German Contracting Portal here.
Please compare and select the edition that’s right for you.

E-tendering Team 3


  • Monthly cancellation option
  • Unlimited number of tender procedures
  • Max. 3 users per contracting authority
  • Use of the service & support centre
  • Display of announcements on own homepage
59per month
E-tendering Team 5


  • Monthly cancellation option
  • Unlimited number of tender procedures
  • Max. 5 users per contracting authority
  • Use of the service & support centre
  • Display of announcements on own homepage
89per month
E-tendering Team 15


  • Monthly cancellation option
  • Unlimited number of tender procedures
  • Max. 15 users per contracting authority
  • Use of the service & support centre
  • Display of announcements on own homepage
179per month
E-tendering 360°

All-round, carefree package

  • Unlimited number of users and procedures in the Contracting Portal
  • Tender management (electronic tender file and much more)
  • Demand management (approval and release workflows, and much more)
  • Contract management
  • Personal Contact Person
  • Advanced support with application questions
  • Training for you and your bidders (cosinex Akademie, Bundesanzeiger Akademie, webinars)
  • Procurement (-law) portal
  • and many more

*On request, we can offer you a completely customized offer. In cooperation with its parent companies, DTVP offers a comprehensive, modular solution for all aspects of public procurement, public procurement law and, in particular, e-procurement. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact our Team Product Advice Awarding Offices at +49 (0)30/37 43 43 - 810 or by email to

Features of all editions – ‘The most important features at a glance’

Setting up a client – Ready for use in 2 days
Create a contracting authority in DTVP – Within 48 hours, we will set up an access to the German Contracting Portal for you, so that you can begin e-tendering straight away.

Publishing announcements
Publish EU-wide awards, public tenders, ex post, ex ante, etc., on DTVP

Mapping all common types of procedure
Open procedure, open invitation to tender, negotiation procedures with and without participation competition, restricted invitation to tender, direct award, etc.

Display of your announcements on your own homepage
With a free interface, you can automatically display your announcements on your own homepage

Announcement forwarding                                                              
If necessary, your announcements can be forwarded to other tender platforms or submission services (EU Amtsblatt S (SIMAP),, Submissionsanzeiger, subreport, HAD, etc.)

Electronic tendering (e-tendering)
Virtual project rooms for secure handling of electronic tender procedures. The functions of the project rooms vary depending on the type of procedure chosen and the tendering regulations involved.

Role and rights concept, user groups, project teams
Map individual organizational structures using a differentiated role and rights concept, setting up and managing user groups, project teams per tender and special rights for controllers, RPAs, etc.

Form sets
Automatic generation of announcement forms from the most important form sets (VHB VOB Bund, HVA-B StB, csx form set, etc.)

Provision of electronic tender documents
Upload and provision of tender documents in any file format. An integrated GAEB viewer for viewing GAEB files.

Search in extensive applicant database
Search for registered companies (via company name, city/post code, trade/area of activity). Thousands of new companies register each month. Please refer to the information brochure for the current number of registered companies. Companies that have not registered yet can easily be requested to register free of charge via the system.

Electronic bidder communication
Exchange of information within the project rooms with the bidders (e.g. for clarification of questions or information regarding changes to the tender documents as well as for notifications of rejection and acceptance and much more)

Electronic bid opening
Electronic offers with different signature levels possible (electronic text form, advanced and qualified signature). Two-person login for the bid opening (incl. generation of a bidder list for the bid opening report). Contracting authorities do not need signatures themselves

Tender documentation and statistics
Export of information relevant to the tender (e.g. announcement, deadlines, applicant communication, applicant list, bidder list and much more) and generation of reports and evaluations with a variety of filter options.


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