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The most important features at a glance

Working in a team

With DTVP, you can work "as part of a team" with employees of contracting authorities, specialist agencies, external planners and other project engineers. Selection is possible at any time, as to which user has access to which tender procedure.

Virtual project rooms

Tender procedures and announcements can be handled conveniently in closed, virtual project rooms, from creating the announcement and forwarding it to publication bodies through to bidder communication and receiving electronic offers and bid opening.

User groups

In addition to users, user groups can be created within the client to reflect offices, departments, branches or separate teams. Tender procedures can be assigned to these user groups.

System extensions

The German Contracting Portal (Deutsches Vergabeportal) offers interfaces for communication with third-party systems that can be activated for each contracting authority.
The contracting portal can be extended at any time for each client to include a tender management system and an electronic tender file.More informations here.