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New function of DTVP for opening tenders from different computers/optimisation in home office use

 four-eyes principle

New function of DTVP for opening tenders from different computers/optimisation in home office use

The German Tender Portal (DTVP) provides its users with a new function on the page of the awarding authorities at the opening of tenders: The option of a four-eyes principle login on two different (also spatially separated) computers. This is intended to support users during prolonged use in the home office due to the current spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Tender opening with the four-eyes principle from geographically distributed locations

To open a tender, two users must be logged in with the role "tender opener" (four-eyes principle). Previously, it was necessary for both tender openers to log in using the same computer and open the tenders together. With the new function, it is possible for the first and second users to log on to different computers from different locations. To do this, the first user only has to select this four-eyes option during the login so that the second user can log in via another PC.

In this case, the registration process is put in a temporary waiting state and is paused for five minutes until the second user logs in. If the second user does not do so, the system resets the opening of the tender. Both users must then log in again and start the four-eyes login again.

Vier-Augen-Prinzip 2.Abb

Important notes

This new function ensures that the opening of tenders cannot be carried out in this way against the explicit request or without the release of the first tender opener. On the one hand, this corresponds to the frequently expressed wish from customers to work as smoothly as possible in the current situation (keyword: Corona). On the other hand, this also ensures that all the compliance and security requirements are met.

You can learn more about the technical implementation which is being carried out by our partner cosinex here.

We would like to point out that it is extremely demanding to provide such functions in view of the high demands on security and user-friendliness. Nevertheless, we are and will remain committed to providing public authorities with the best possible support for their home office work and to quickly implementing all suggestions for improvement.

Date: Wednesday, April 8 2020


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