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New features of the German Contracting Portal (DTVP

DTVP is continuously adapted to legal and technical requirements and its functionality further developed. The new version of the technical backbone makes numerous innovations available.

For contracting authorities, particular emphasis is placed on the new options for publication, including for EU-wide tenders, and on multi-client users and updated status-management (with status reset after the bidding period expires), to mention just a few of the innovations.

The focus of the new version for companies ranges from disclosing the place of performance at first glance in the e-mail notification service, improvements in the electronic submission of tenders (bidding tool) and the help texts provided for search profiles, to the option of submitting an AVPQ number at registration.

We offer you the most important innovations for contracting authorities in the blog post by our technical partner cosinex.
If you represent a company and have questions, you are welcome to contact us at +49 (0)221/976 68 - 200. If you work with a contracting authority, the number to call is +49 (0)30/37 43 43 - 810.


Date: Wednesday, November 13 2019


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