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New contracting portal for Baden-Wuerttemberg

Now that the state administrative authorities of Baden-Württemberg have also opted for e-tendering on the basis of cosinex technology, DTVP now uses the same technological backbone to provide a tendering platform for municipalities and other contracting authorities from Baden-Württemberg that are not a direct part of the state administration:

If you would like to register as a contracting authority on the portal, please contact us at +49 (0)30/374 343 – 810 or via e-mail to

To this end, the German Contracting Portal offers two dates on which companies (tenders) and contracting authorities can familiarize themselves with the portal and the basic technology involved.

DTVP is organising a two-day information event on the sub-threshold procurement regulation (UVgO) and e-tendering in Stuttgart:

03 December 2019 in Stuttgart - E-tendering for your bidders (from searching for suitable contracts to bid submission)
04 December 2019 in Stuttgart - Regional forum for contracting authorities on the reform of the UVgO and e-tendering



Date: Wednesday, November 13 2019