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08 Apr

New function of DTVP for opening tenders from different computers/optimisation in home office use

New function of DTVP for opening tenders from different computers/opt… More
13 Nov

New features of the German Contracting Portal (DTVP

DTVP is continuously adapted to legal and technical requirements and its func… More
13 Nov

New contracting portal for Baden-Wuerttemberg

Now that the state administrative authorities of Baden-Württemberg have also… More
30 Oct

Comparability of references

Contracting parties are not the only ones with an interest in ensuring that c… More
30 Oct

Suitability loan pursuant to §47 VgV

Under § 47 VgV, the law explicitly permits companies – an applicant/bidder or… More
02 Sep

e-tendering events and webinars for bidders and contracting authorities

In addition providing a reliable e-tendering platform together with proven pr… More
08 May

The new procurement law in Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein’s new Public Procurement Act (VGSH) went into effect on 1… More
24 Apr

Exclusion in case of missing signature?

Failure to comply with formal requirements is a recurrent topic in case law.… More
24 Apr

Framework agreements

Framework agreements are a popular procurement tool in tendering practice.… More
24 Apr

Sector ordinance an e-tendering

When the German Contracting Portal (DTVP) addresses e-tendering, the advice p… More
11 Mar

DTVP Interview: City of Rottweil

Some 90 km south of Stuttgart, and with a population of around 25,000, Rottwe… More